The goal of this seminar is to promot reflexion about actual themes that concern technicians and teachers that work in the areas of Physical education, Sports and Health. We are nowadays in a context in which new realities and new practices start to emerge.  We believe that new perspectives are needed on the Physical Education, particularly in the area of Physical Activity and Health and Physical Education, Sport and Recreation.
We have the contribution of all those who are aware of these issues so that they can share their experiences in this seminar, as participants or speakers.
The first three seminars were conducted at the University of Minho, the Institute for the Study of the Child and the 4th Seminar was held at the Federal University of Technology in Curitiba.
The Organizing Committee.



This seminar is aimed at teachers of Higher Education, Primary and Secondary who work in the areas of physical education, sport and health, and the technicians who work in municipalities or private institutions, such as Health Clubs and other institutions designed to health promotion.