We invite all concerned to send the abstract proposals to the 5th Seminary of Physical Education, Leisure and Health and 2nd Ibero-American seminary, taking place from 13 to 16 May in Azores University. We appreciate that you submit your proposals accordingly to the following topics:
1. Physical Activity and Health
2. Health Promotion and Environmental Education
3. Leisure, Recreation and Child Health
4. Game and Child Motor Development
5. Physical Education and Sports in Children and young people
6. Violence and Bullying in School
7. Sports and Values; Sports Spirit
8. Sports psychology  of Phisical  Activity and leisure
9. Multiculturality and Children with Special Needs Education
10. Education and Curriculum in Physical Education and Health
11. Teachers Trannning in Physical Education and Health



Proposal Submission: 23 de January 2009

Notification of acceptance of proposals: 28 February 2009

Registration: 15 May 2009

Submission of complete text: 30 March 2009


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